“The CAMP Ghost”

On a 3:00 Clock,

Minute One: Concept2 Row (Maximum Calories)
Minute Two: Burpees (Maximum Repetitions)
Minute Three: Double Unders (Maximum Repetitions)

Rest up to 3:00 between rounds and complete 3 rounds (rest depends on class size)

Rest as needed then,

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) for 10 Minutes,

Add One Hang Power Clean (See note on weight below)

Note: On “The Ghost” your score each round is the total number of repetitions (or calories) achieved and athletes will keep a running total each round. On the EMOM, athletes can pick their weight but must maintain the same weight the entire workout. Round 1 is 1 rep, round 2 is 2 reps, etc. Your score is your weight multiplied by the tenth round. A great goal is 135 + for men and 85 + for women.


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