TUESDAY 131119

Three Rounds NOT for time of:

9 Back Squats
6 Ring Dips
3 Rope Climbs

Rest as needed then,

Cash Out with a 1K Row (moderate pace)

Note: Notice this workout is NOT for time. Today we will focus on “virtuosity” or, as Coach Glassman, the Founder of CrossFit once explained, “Doing the common, uncommonly well.” Weight for the Back Squat is variable for each Athlete but should not exceed a 9RM load that would require a spotter. Ring Dip and Rope Climb technique and modifications will be taught at each class. Advanced Athletes should make no-leg Rope climb accents and hold the bottom and top of each Ring Dip for two seconds.

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Please note the LAST class of the day will be from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. We encourage EVERYONE to join us tonight at the movie premiere “Burn”. Our 10:00 AM class today will have some VERY special visitors from the CrossFit Inc., Media Department as well as Firemen that are featured in the movie “Burn”. The EPIC Fitness Van will be available tonight at the low cost of 10 Burpees per Mile for safe and sober rides home following the after-party!


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