FRIDAY 140919

“Get Strong”

Complete Five Rounds for Time of,

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
30 Squats

Note: Prescribed weight for men is up to 135llb. and women 95lb. on the Deadlift and Hang Power Clean. There will be a 20:00 time cap on this workout. We will review all barbell techniques at the beginning of each class. This is a sweet session! The last time this workout was completed in our gym was July 8, 2014, however, in today’s WOD we have increased the weight on the Barbell. The Squats in today’s workout are “Gymnastic” and are not weighted.


Adriana is STRONGER


Congratulations to Adriana on an awesome Rx’d performance on Wednesday’s super challenging workout. Adriana has been very disciplined in her training, and the results are simply awesome. Keep up the inspiring work Adriana!


Maximum Rep’s Bench Press x Maximum Rep’s Pull-up Demo with Carlos [video]


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