MONDAY 200420

Evolution A:

For Time,
50 Weighted Object Deadlifts
50 Sit-ups
50 Alternating Lunges (25 each leg)
50 Weighted Object Thrusters

Rest as needed then,

Evolution B: (Do this at any point throughout the day!)

Run 2 Miles for Time

  • Or Row 2K
  • Or Bike 100 calories
  • Or swim 1 mile
  • Or 300 double unders  / 500 single jumps
  • 150 burpees

Note: Coach will be briefing modifications depending on the “weighed object” that you have. Join us at 4:00PM today inside our “Zoom Classroom Gym” for a group workout! We will all have a chance to “see each other” and check in on everyones wellbeing. Zoom

James is the Man!


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