Pull-up Progression: 8,7,7,6,5 Strict Pull-ups

Rest as Needed then,

Complete As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 15:00 of:

15 Hand Release Push-ups
12 Standing Lunges (alternating legs)
9 Hurdle Jumps

Note: Standing lunges can be performed with Dumbbells for Athletes feeling relatively recovered from last weeks programming. Alternate legs to perform 6 repetitions on each leg for each round. Hurdle jump’s are variable height from 12 to 30 inches. This is going to be a great workout!

Jonathan Glancy in Big Sky, MT.


During the Affiliate Gathering in Big Sky, Montana, our very own Jonathan Glancy had a chance to display his athleticism and mental toughness during a showdown with some of CrossFit’s top competitors. Below Jonathan explains the situation:

“CrossFit’s annual Affiliate Gathering in Big Sky, Montana, included an open competition between the likes of Scott Panchik (4th), Garret Fisher (5th), Dan Bailey (8th), Alessandra Pichelli (4th), Michelle Kinney (8th), and Elisabeth Akinwale (10th).  Friday morning’s first event was a 2 mile mountain run with a 1,000ft climb in elevation.  Everyone was able to participate in the community workout so I hauled ass and ended up winning with Dan Bailey coming in 2nd shortly after. Later that evening, Dave Castro, Director of the CrossFit Games, surprised me by announcing that I was to compete in the rest of the events that weekend.  

The next day included a paddleboard/swim/double-couplet mirroring the 21-15-9 OHS/pushup complex we did on our paddle boards during the men’s outing. There were three more events that day including a 1RM Squat Clean, deficit HSPU/Sprint couplet, and Tabata bottom to bottom thrusters.  I can confidently say that I was able to hang with the big boys because of the swimming, paddle boarding, trail runs, Krav Maga, and the hundreds of thrusters and air squats we perform at our gym.  At high elevation (Big Sky’s base is over 7,000ft), your lung capacity and overall fitness are exponentially tested. What you do inside the box at sea level only prepares you for so much.  Trying new sports and taking your athleticism outside into the elements is a ‘true’ test of fitness, and that’s what CrossFit Amundsen is all about.” – Jonathan Glancy 

Congratulations Jonathan, and thank you for being such a great ambassador for CrossFit and our gym.


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