FRIDAY 130222

Today we are going to do an awesome “Original Girl” created in 2003 by CrossFit Founder Coach Greg Glassman. After several iterations of the Wendler Strength Series for Deadlift we are excited to see how everyone performs in this classic workout.


21, 15, 9 Repetitions of
Handstand Push-Up

Kelly Barker gets the “STRONGER” tattoo from Professor Klem


“I’ll never be able to not work out again, I’m committed for life!” Kelly Barker (looking at the  new STRONGER tattoo on her arm.)


On January 14, 2013, Greg Amundson spoke to a large group of senior leaders in the Texas Fire Service about “Fitness for Leadership”, CrossFit, and the Warrior Spirit at the Texas A&M Engineering Leadership Development Symposium.  Many of the concepts Greg has taught at the gym, including “Box Breathing”, “Feeding The Dog of Courage”, “Kaizen” and “BUIYATAOO” were expanded upon during his lecture. Greg’s entire lecture was filmed and is now available for public viewing. [Watch the VIDEO]


“When the bullets start flying, and the fires start raging, there are two types of people. One person runs away. And then there is you. You run towards the flames. That’s a Warrior. Your willing to lay down your life, even for a complete stranger. That my friends, is a Warrior.” – Greg Amundson during his lecture on “Fitness for Leadership”.