MONDAY 130722

“The Boxer”

Three Rounds of 3:00 minutes “on” and 1:00 minute “off” of:

3 Alternating Single Arm Kettlebell Power Cleans
6 Clapping Push-ups
9 Goblet Squats

Note: Todays workout is a sequence of 3:00 minute As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) evolutions on 1:00 rest. On the alternating Kettlebell Cleans, perform 3 repetitions with the left arm, then one Half-Rotation Switch, and three Kettlebell Cleans on the right arm. Both the Kettlebell Clean and Half-Rotation Switch techniques will be reviewed at the beginning of each class. This is a great workout that requires a high degree of technical skill.

George Ryan (The Striking Master) and Jeff Martone (The Kettlebell Master)


Reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday July 23, 2013, from 6:00 AM until approximately 8:00 AM, is the Santa Cruz Run-Swim-Run from Santa Cruz to Capitola. We will be competing as a team and will stay together the entire event. Register HERE as an individual on the team “Amundson CrossFit”. Any questions, please check with Greg or Heather Rosenberg. The EPIC Fitness Van leaves from the gym at 5:30 AM sharp for the Santa Cruz Wharf and will pick us up at the finish line.


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