FRIDAY 130322

CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.3 

Chris “Trick or Treat” Zephro is the Rope Climb Master!



The CrossFit Amundson Pull-up Challenge is ON! With input from our very own Bart Barker, we have decided to start the official CrossFit Amundson Pull-up Competition. Here are the rules:

10 Strict Pull-ups for women and 20 strict Pull-ups for men. There must be a pause at the bottom and top of each of the repetition. At full extension at the bottom of the repetition, the ear must remain in line with the shoulder or behind. The feet must remain centered under the hips. Palms must face away from the Athlete. No repetition will count if achieved by momentum generated by the hips. This is a very strict standard and will be judged accordingly. Just ask Jordan.