“The Mountain Climber”

500 Meter Row
40 See The Lights (10lb. Bumper Plate)
30 Box Jumps
20 Push-Ups
10 Wallball Shots (16lb. / 20lb.)

Then climb back down the mountain!

Brothers Pat and Dan with Greg during the 6:30 AM Class


History repeats itself at CrossFit Amundson: In the late 1990’s, Santa Cruz County Sheriff Steve Robbins invited CrossFit Founder Coach Greg Glassman to teach the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputies the finer points of functional fitness. Sheriff Robbins was an adamant proponent for physical fitness in the Law Enforcement profession. When Greg Amundson started his career in Law Enforcement with the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Office in 2000, his Training Officer was Pat, pictured above, who is Sheriff Robbins son. Twelve years later, Pat is a Sergeant in charge of the Training Department at the Sheriff’s Office, and is following in his father’s footsteps by encouraging his pees to train in CrossFit. With Pat’s younger brother Dan recently joining the gym, CrossFit has now become a family tradition! Thank you Sheriff Robbins (retired), Pat and Dan for your support and for setting such a positive example for the Law Enforcement community in Santa Cruz.