This is an amazingly complete workout in only twenty-four minutes. In the early days of CrossFit, original “Team Six” Athletes would sometimes cry when faced with this workout. By early 2003, the official name of this workout became “Tabata This.” Give your best effort – tomorrow will be an active rest day and ocean swim.

Set-up the rower for intervals of twenty seconds work and ten seconds rest.
Set the rower to display calories in the lower window. Go all out on the first effort.
On subsequent efforts work to capture as many calories as in the first effort.

In the same interval pattern, 20on/10off X 8,
Squat (air squat).
Same interval pull-ups.
Same interval push-ups.
Same interval sit-ups.

One-minute maximum transition break break between rounds. No ranking will be considered for total time that exceeds twenty-four minutes. Ranking is based on least number of calories in each of eight rowing intervals, and least reps in each of eight intervals for each of the other four exercises.

Greg Amundson’s best score on this workout was 12 calories, 21 squats, 12 pull-ups, 20 push-ups and 20 squats.

Greg Amundson and Dave Leys on Tabata This – December 22, 2003


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“CrossFit is more than a physical fitness program – CrossFit is a way of life. I think one of the greatest contributions CrossFit will continue to make is to inspire people to view themselves not just human beings, but human athletes.”
Greg Amundson as quoted on CrossFit Community and KISS FM.


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