FRIDAY 171124

CrossFit Hero Workout Friday!


As Many “GI Janes” As As Possible in 2:00,

Rest then,

For Time,
Run Big Loop (Urban Mile)
Then Five Rounds of:
30 Squats
20 Hand-Release Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
Run Big Loop (Urban Mile)

Rest then,

As Many “GI Janes” As As Possible in 2:00

Note: Today’s workout is dedicated to Alejandro “Alex” Cantu. Your score is a composition of total time for completion plus the total number of “Gi Janes” achieved. This workout was one of the preparatory workouts that Alex utilized for this U.S. Amy Basic Combat and Airborne training.

Alejandro “Alex” Cantu


Please note we only have one workout today which will be offered at 4PM. We hope to see you there!


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