TUESDAY 200825

On a 2:00 clock,

Assault Bike, 21 calories (15 women)
Hang Power Cleans, As Many Repetitions As Possible (see note on weight below)

Rest up to 2:00 and perform a total of 4 rounds.

Cash out with 50 feet of One Arm Dumbbell Overhead Backward Walking Lunge.

Note: On todays session, athletes choose their Barbell weight. The score is the total number of repetitions multiplied by the amount of weight on the bar. A great goal for Purple Belts is 135lb. to 155lb. for men, and 75lb. to 105lb. for women.


Tuesday Schedule

  • CrossFit at 6AM, 8AM, 10:30AM and 4PM
  • Bag Class at 5:15PM


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