TUESDAY 140225

“Functional Upper Body Strength Index Test”

Find your 1RM Bench Press. Immediately following, complete one maximum set of Pull-ups. Your Functional Upper Body Strength is the weight of your 1RM Bench Press multiplied by your max set of Pull-ups.

Rest as needed then,

4 Individually Timed Sprint Rounds of:

Run 400 Meters
21 Repetition Bench Press

Note: Prescribed weight for men on the Bench Press is 135lb. and 85lb. for women. No more than 4 minutes rest between rounds. Who can complete each individually timed round in under three minutes? The last time we completed this workout was January 29, 2014. Check your fitness journals and do your best to set a personal record!

Board of Heroes


On July 2, 2012, CrossFit Amundson opened it’s doors for the very first workout. Patrick Demick, a Sergeant at the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, was the first Public Safety member to join the gym. (Patrick was Greg Amundson’s former Field Training Officer in 2001 when Greg was a Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office!) Today, over 30 different Public Safety and Military units are represented in our gym. Thank you to all the former and current true American Heroes who protect and serve our Community and our Country.


Happy Birthday to Coach Jenna!


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