FRIDAY 220225

The Famous CrossFit Girl “Nicole”

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20:00 of,
Run 400 Meters,
Pull-ups, Maximum Repetitions

Note: Your “score” in todays workout is the total number of Pull-ups completed. Athletes will run 400 meters, then perform a maximum-repetition set of Pull-ups. The set is terminated once athletes come off the bar. Therefore, the best scores are not necessarily the fastest runs, but the most overall Pull-ups completed. This is an awesome and potent workout!

The CrossFit Open is Live Now!  If you are signed up for the Open your WOD for this week was posted.  Go to for the WODs.  For those signed up for the Open please connect with Coach Adrian to arrange a time to complete the WOD.  For this week the WOD includes Wall Walks.  The only appropriate location in the Gym to complete the Wall Walks is the area in the below photo.  Doing a Wall Walk on the White boards will damage the white boards or damage other equipment in the gym.  Thanks for your understanding.


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