FRIDAY 130125


Repetitions of 80, 64, 50, 32, 16, 8 Kettlebell Swing
Repetitions of 40, 32, 25, 16, 8, 4 Squat
Repetitions of Pull-up 20, 16, 12, 8, 4, 2

Order of rotation is Kettlebell Swing, to Squat to Pull-up

Greg Amundson and Jenna Langseth during a Gary Irving photo shoot


Gary Irving is a great friend to CrossFit Amundson and the Santa Cruz community. Gary was born and raised in a small town in Wales in the late ’60′s. Growing up as a surfer, he endeavored to create art in the form of acrylic airbrushing and pencil drawing from a young age. Still, he wasn’t completely exposed to the art world until he landed in the US in the mid ’90′s. From there, his adventure in photography took hold and this medium has taken his art to levels he never could have dreamed of. Due to his passion for surfing and the outdoors, photography became a natural avenue to express himself, in addition to providing views into worlds that existed just outside everyday experience. It’s difficult for Gary not to wander out to capture images that inspire and excite. Most days he’s immersed in nature, exploring places that heighten his love for the environment, art and the world. Gary travels extensively throughout the world, visiting surf spots and historical areas where he enjoys the expansive elements of nature as well as the various sports he loves to play. Inspired by the passion and athleticsm he observed at CrossFit Amundson, Gary approached Greg about the possibility of a photo shoot. The rest, as they say, will be history!