Please join us from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM today for Open Gym Saturday.  There will be TWO formal group workouts tomorrow. The first workout will start at 10:00 AM and will be free to the public and appropriate for all skill levels. The second session will begin at approximately 11:30 AM and is only for members of CrossFit Amundson. This workout will be programmed at the advanced level. Open gym will now be from 12:30 to 2:00 PM with supervision from our Coaching Team. This is a great opportunity to work on skills and the accomplishment of your goals.

Mel and Tanya – Fitness Outside the Box!


Tanya and Mel routinely take their fitness outside the box, even when they are on their way to the box! Just like Shelby and Dawn, Tanya and Mel serve as teachers in our community. At CrossFit Amundson, we are blessed with a gym full of Athletes who believe in the power of selfless service, community building and helping others.


The CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Open are here!  The CrossFit Open is an awesome and exciting event that Athletes of all levels can participate in.  Every year since 2008, CrossFit Inc., holds the Open, which is a series of 5 different workouts Athletes from around the world participate in.  Last year, more than 138,000 CrossFit Athletes participated in the Open. Our goal at CrossFit Amundson is to have 50 Athletes registered for the Open. We encourage everyone who wishes to sign up for the Open to do so by registering here:

The Open begins on Thursday, February 27th, where the first of five weekly workouts will be announced, with a new workout released every Thursday.  Each Friday following the release of the workout, we will complete the Open workout at our gym, just like we did last year. On the following Sunday, those Athletes who are formerly registered for the Open will have another opportunity to complete the Open workout to improve their score in a mini competition/BBQ event.  Everyone is welcome to come cheer and support our registered Athletes.

There is also a need for Certified Judges to support those Athletes who are officially competing in the Open. For those Athletes who want to be a Judge, please complete the CrossFit Judges course ( For more information, please see Greg, Lindsey or Brett.

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