TUESDAY 130827 

Pull-up Progression: 9,8,8,7,6 Strict Pull-ups

Rest as needed then,

Push Jerk 15, 10, 5, 3, 3, 3 Repetitions

Rest then,

Push Jerk for Two Minutes for Maximum Repetitions

Note: Start very light, work to very heavy. Fifteen and Ten repetition sets are warm-ups. Final effort is with 65lb. Barbell for men and 55lb. Barbell for women. We are looking for a maximum heart rate – keep going the entire time and no dropping the barbell!

Jim on the “Birthday Vacation Day” Pull-up Progression


“The spiritual quest was always the predominant aspect of my life. It’s always been there. But there’s also an incredible passion connected to it; it’s not just a dry investigative process. I have been extremely emotional about it, and that comes out in the songs.” – Cat Stevens



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