Complete Two Rounds for “Virtuosity”

Rope Climb, 2 Accents (Use most challenging technique available)
Strict Dip, 10 Repetitions

Rest as needed then,

Three Rounds for Time:

Deadlift, 15 Repetitions
Hang Power Clean, 12 Repetitions
Front Squat, 9 Repetitions
Push Jerk, 6 Repetitions

Note: This is a challenging day of CrossFit training, combining both gymnastic and weightlifting strength. Note the gymnastic component is not timed. Focus on technique development. Advanced Athletes should strive for “Double Up” no-leg accents. Recommended weight for the timed evolution is up to 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women. Ensure the selected weight can be performed with consecutive repetitions at each of the 4 skills with minimal rest between transitions.

Coach Amber


Wednesday Special Events:

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM – Warrior Body Zen Mind Yoga

7:15 PM – 8:00 PM – Krav Maga Phase A


EPIC Adventures Update

Tuesday, September 9, 2014: Join the men of CrossFit Pleasure Point for a 2 mile round-trip Stand Up Paddle to the Santa Cruz Maritime 1 Mile Buoy. Experienced SUP operators and competent ocean swimmers recommended. Only open to 8 Athletes. Women’s paddle to follow soon. More details to follow at HQ.

Saturday, September 20, 2014: The official CrossFit Pleasure Point “TriFITalon” is back! All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. There will be three events in the competition, including a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) 1200 Meter Sprint, an 800 Meter Ocean Swim, and an “Unknown and Unknowable” beach workout. Athletes can complete in the full “TriFITathon” or an individual event. Transportation provided from HQ to the competition site by the EPIC Fitness Van.


Warrior Yoga Teacher Training for CrossFit Gyms


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