MONDAY 140127

“Mini Gripper”

15,12,9 Repetitions Of:

Kettlebell Snatch (15,12,9 Repetitions each arm!)

Rest as needed then,

10 Alternating Barbell Lunges from the Rack
5 Wall Climbers with 10 Second Hold on Wall

Note: We are moving from a highly technical workout for time, to a strength and gymnastic development workout “off the clock”. Weight is relative to current capacity of Athlete on the Barbell Lunge. Modifications on the Wall Climber will be taught in the gym. Prescribed weight on the Snatch workout is 53lb. for men and 35lb. for women. Dumbbell modifications will be made available, and a review of the Kettlebell Snatch will take place.

Team 2K Row was EPIC!


On January 23, 2014, Bart and Captain Corey nailed a team 2K Row in 6:40. Their communication, strategy and fitness allowed them to set the gym record by over ten seconds. Congratulations guys!


Kettlebell Snatch & Pullup WOD Demo from 2007 with Greg Amundson [wmv][mov]


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