Today we are going to spend fifteen minutes developing our Muscle-Up. This will be a great opportunity to learn a variety of modifications and progressions for this challenging skill. Then,

Every Minute on the Minute (for as long as possible!)

Add 1 Box-Jump Burpee

Note: Who can continue the Box-Jump Burpee progression for twenty minutes?

Dori is the Running-Rope Climbing Champion!


Congratulations to Dori on two awesome accomplishments. On March 17, 2013, Dori set a personal record in the 10K during the “She Is Beautiful” run in Santa Cruz, CA. The very next day, Dori got her first rope climb! Dori and her black lab “Louie” have become a strong part of the CrossFit Amundson family. Dori’s always encouraging, quick with a joke, and has the eye of the tiger. Keep up the awesome work Dori!


Muscle Up Progressions and Transitions [video]