FRIDAY 210528

Active Recovery Day!

Evolution A: Row 1,000 meters at a 2:00-2:10 pace (men) and 2:15-2:30 (women)

Rest as needed then,

On a 14:00 clock (7 rounds each station)

Odd Minutes = Double Under, 25 repetitions (or 50 single jumps)
Even Minutes = Hang Power Clean, 9 repetitions (95lb. / 65lb.)

Rest as needed then,

Walk 400 meters while breathing ONLY through your nose.

Note: Today is the final training day before our epic workout celebration to honor the life of Lt. Michael Murphy and all those brave men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Reminder that TONIGHT at 5:30PM is Faith Works Ministry in person at our gym!

Our 6AM Warriors getting it done!


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