FRIDAY 160429

Nutrition Challenge Benchmark Workout


Complete Three Rounds for Time:

Run 400 Meters
Kettlebell Swing, 21 Repetitions (53lb. / 35lb.)
12 Pull-ups

Note: The famous CrossFit workout “Helen” was originally known as the “CrossFit Challenge” and was the workout Coach Glassman took on the road as an early version of the CrossFit Games. In 2004, Coach Glassman, Greg Amundson, and Josh Everett toured nearly 40 CrossFit gyms to take on Athletes in the “CrossFit Challenge”. In 2004, a time of 12:00 was considered world class. Today, Athletes routinely complete “Helen” in under 8:00. We will be using “Helen” as our benchmark workout to determine improvement due to performance nutrition over the month of May.


Strong Mind – Strong Body


Congratulations to Greg Amundson who recently signed a large book deal with renowned publishing house Velo Press. Greg will be working with friend and New York Times bestselling author TJ Murphy on the project, which will encompass Greg’s teaching philosophy of integrating the Mind, Body and Spirit into a holistic training program. In May, the marketing team from Velo Press will be visiting our gyms for a preliminary photo shoot, and to meet with our Athletes, Coaches and community. Stay posted for updates on this exciting project!


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