Please join us today for the 24 Hour As Many Miles As Possible (AMMAP) benefit run for Nicole Brown. Our Free Community Workout at 10:00 AM today will be a running workout. Athletes will have a choice of 5 running routes through the Pleasure Point community of varying distance. All other classes will be cancelled in support of the AMAAP. Our remote Athletes who are participating in the run can make on-line donations via PayPal to Nicole through “”.


24 Hour AMMAP is underway!


Saturday Special Programs

As Many Miles As Possible Run or Concept 2 Row (All Day – Concludes at 6:00 PM)


AMMAP Details

  • Runners can participate anytime between 6:00 PM on August 28 and 6:00 PM August 29.
  • Every mile the gym runs or rows “counts” for monetary donations to Nicole Brown.
  • Runners can choose from 5 beautiful routes of varying distance (see map at HQ).
  • Runners will have hand-maps available for longer routes.
  • Epic Fitness Van will be available for emergencies and stranded runners.
  • Food / Water can be staged safely at HQ.
  • Visiting runners are welcome to “camp” at our Krav Maga location.


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