Bear Complex

10 Minute Every Minute On The Minute

3 – 4 Reps per minute depending on the weight chosen by the athlete.

Suggested weights for athletes  95/65

If a barbell is being used, the athlete must be using at minimum a 15lb bumper plate, 10lb plates will be damaged if dropped at the top of a press.

Dumbbells can be used for the complex if the athlete chooses to use them.

The Bear Complex strings together several barbell movements.

There are two ways to complete the complex.  The first is to complete each movement individually and the second is to blend the movements together.

Individually you would complete a Deadlift – Hang Power Clean – Front Squat – Press – Back Squat – Press

Blended you will complete a Squat Clean – Thruster – Back Squat – Press

This is a great complex to work on each of the movements.

Coaches will be providing instruction on the individual movements and blending the movements.

Here is a link on YouTube to familiarize yourself with the movement


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