Wendler Strength Series for Front Squat and Press (Week 1 plus 10lb.)

Rest as needed then,

7 Rope Climbs

Note: Everyone gets a rope climb today! We will be teaching several modifications of this important skill. Advanced Athletes will work on a “Quick Start” L-Sit No Leg Rope Climb and new Athletes will develop the foot assisted climb.

Blue Titan Fitness


“Greg, I was inspired by your Burpee mile, so we completed a 1,000 Burpee challenge this weekend at my studio.  I attached a collage I thought you might care to see.  Teams of 2.  Goal was less than 1 hour.  Complete 1,000 Burpees as a team any way you can.  We had two guys do it with 40 pound ruck sacks!  Took them just under 2 hours.  Everyone wanted to know who was the blame for this so I’m sorry if you get a little hate mail from my CrossFitters.” – Eric Basek – Blue Titan Fitness 


Opening Day at SEB CrossFit” with Greg Amundson and Steve Longan –CrossFit Journal video [ipod] [mov] [HD mov]


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