Partner Workout Wednesday!

Six Rounds for Time of,

Farmers Walk Left Hand, 200 Meters
25 Repetitions Hurdle Jump
25 Repetitions Ball Slam
Farmers Walk Right Hand, 200 Meters

Note: Use up to 53lb. Kettlebells for men and 35lb. for women. Slam ball weight is 20lb. for men and 12lb. for women. Hurdle height is 24 inches for men and 20 for women. Each partner must complete a full round before “tagging” their partner and each team member must complete 3 rounds.

Run – Swim – Run – Swim (Really Far!)


Congratulations to Eddie, Michael, Graham, Shawn, Scott, Corey, and Greg on completing a super challenging Run – Swim – Run – Swim on July 29, 2014, from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. These brave souls ran the beach from 38th Avenue to Capitola Wharf, swam around the Wharf, then ran to the Cement Ship in Aptos, swam around the Cement Ship, then collapsed in the sand and awaited Bailey Feeney in the EPIC Fitness Van. A warm meal at the Silver Spur rounded out the mornings adventure. Special thanks to “Lifeguard Eddie” for keeping a watchful eye on everyone and inspiring the event.


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