Threshold Mashup Training Day!

Complete 1:00 of Maximum Effort At The Following Stations:

Double Under (As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Rest 1:00
Dumbbell Thruster (35lb. / 15lb. – As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Rest 1:00
Toes to Bar (As Many Repetitions As Possible)

Determine 40% of your maximum threshold then,

On a 15:00 Minute Clock (5 Rounds Each Station)

Minute One: Double Under (40% Threshold)
Minute Two: Thruster (40% Threshold)
Minute Three: Toes to Bar (40% Threshold)

Rest as needed then,

Front Squat 5,3,1, repetitions (5 second tempo descent, 1 second bottom position hold)

Note: Threshold Mash-up training was invented right here at CrossFit Amundson – and it’s an amazing stimulus! The Front Squat is from the floor and requires a Power Clean or Squat Clean.

Warriors on the Grinder!


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