FRIDAY 230331

Test WOD for the month.


5 Pullups – 10 pushups – 15 squats

The goal for everyone today will be to get 20 rounds in 20 minutes.  Adjust the movements to complete this.

This was the most memorable workout Coach Pete did at the Original CrossFit and is one he still does regularly to evaluate his fitness level.

There will be two options for our athletes to complete this WOD today.

If you will be completing the pullups using a strict or assisted method, complete the WOD as a EMOM.

If you will be using a kipping pullup and can maintain a sub-60 second round, complete the WOD as an AMRAP.

Can anyone get more than 25 rounds as an AMRAP.

Happy Birthday to Pat today.  We won’t say how young he is, but we will say he is a rockstar!


Friday’s Schedule

8AM – Strength / Olympic Lifting

4PM – Workout of the day

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