Goal Setting & Kettlebell Courses

CrossFit Goal Setting Trainer Course

The CrossFit Goal Setting Trainer Course was developed by Greg Amundson. The Goal Setting Course is an educational and inspirational student focused seminar that will unleash the power of your mind.

Goal Setting Course CrossFit West Santa Cruz

Goal setting and positive self-talk are critical skills to understand and utilize in the pursuit of elite fitness. In this hands-on trainer course, you will learn how to set and achieve your goals by using progressions and cues that compliment the physical modalities of CrossFit. The seminar instills a deeper appreciation for the mental component of CrossFit training and will motivate you to immediately start setting and achieving your goals. This exciting seminar also includes a work-book and personalized instruction on mental techniques and strategies to develop a winning mindset and an indomitable spirit.

We encourage you to read two CrossFit Journal Articles written by Greg Amundson which provide much of the foundation for the Goal Setting Course. The first article, called Coaching The Mental Side of CrossFit, was the spark that started the Course. The second article, called Forging Elite Leadership, was written following Greg’s experience at SEAL-Fit. For CrossFit Journal Video highlights of the Goal Setting Course please start [here]. For more information, please visit the CrossFit Goal Setting website or the Specialty Courses section of the CrossFit website.


CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course

CrossFit Kettlebell Founder Jeff Martone

The CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course was developed by Jeff Martone, owner of Tactical Athlete Training Systems. Jeff was one of the first certified senior kettlebell instructors in the United States. Jeff has achieved the rank of CMS (Candidate Master of Sports) in Kettlebell Sport, and is the North American record holder in the Long Cycle event. He is best known as the creator of “Hand-to-Hand” Kettlebell Juggling, SHOT training, and the T.A.P.S. pull-up system. He is also the author of seven training DVDs and best selling book Kettlebell Rx. He was the first to implement kettlebell training in a federal law enforcement agency and has offered instructor-level certifications since 2004. He has over 20 years of experience as a defensive tactics, firearms, and special response-team instructor.

Greg Amundson was personally trained and mentored by Jeff in the instruction of the Kettlebell. Greg teaches the CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course for Jeff on the West Coast and in some international locations. The Kettlebell Courses listed on the CrossFit Pleasure Point website are instructed by  Greg Amundson. For a complete list of CrossFit Kettlebell Courses or for more inforamtion, please visit the Speciality section of the CrossFit website.

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