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11 May 2012

May 10th, 2012



Complete for time:
21-15-9 Thrusters (M: 95 lbs, W: 65 lbs)
400-400-400 Meter Run


Krav Maga Santa Cruz



Beginning Monday, May 14, 2012, our gym at 505 Industry Way, currently known as CrossFit Amundson, will undergo a name change to “CrossFit Imperial Valley”. On this same day, our dedicated gym website will be www.CrossFitImperialValley.com.

CrossFit Amundson will be re-opening in Santa Cruz, CA., in June, 2012. The websitewww.CrossFitAmundson.com will remain active and will be dedicated to this new gym in Santa Cruz. For information on the new gym project in Santa Cruz, please visitCrossFitAmundson.com/SantaCruz.

Both gym websites will have an “archive” feature which will retain all of the historical posts from the current CrossFit Amundson website. Every post, from the very first blog from the garage-gym on Morningside Court, will be available in the archive.

Please plan on both sites being down for updates on Saturday, May 12th and Sunday, May 13th.

May 14 – June 18, 2012

2-for-1 Group Fundamentals: $50 per person ($100 total)
For a limited time, two new athletes can join the two week Group Fundamentals class for the price of one!
Begin classes on any Monday between May 14th and June 18th, 2012 to receive the discount.
Both athletes must sign up at the same time.

Kickboxing Special: 3 Private Introductory Classes for $100
Traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing taught by an experienced martial arts enthusiast.
This intro class is required to joining regular kickboxing classes. Usually valued at $150.