A Warriors Philosophy

Vision is something you have in your mind.

Ray Charles

A Warriors Philosophy

10 AM CrewA Warrior encounters life in a very meaningful way. At the center of the Warrior’s engagement of each moment lives a set of principles – a philosophy which guides their actions. Adherence to this philosophy ensures the Warrior will keep their faith and commitment to strategic encounters with other people and circumstances.

A Warrior’s Philosophy ensures their Victory in life. By committing to the following disciplines and practices, you can walk with confidence along the path of a true Warrior:

  • Practice putting your entire heart, soul and spirit into everything you do.
  • Search for the bright side of everything. Nothing happens TO you. Everything happens FOR you.
  • Develop the discipline to do the things you think you cannot do.
  • Keep grievances and troubles to yourself when tempted to recite them to others. Positivity is a force multiplier.
  • The Laws of the Universe are not to be broken.
  • In a group, give more than you receive.
  • Put cooperation before competition.
  • Be easy to get along with. Offer all you meet peacefulness.
  • Strive for virtuosity and efficiency in all your actions.
  • Always keep promises, oaths, commitments and appointments.
  • Only God can judge. Practice forgiveness and look for the good in others.
  • Always do the very best you can.

The best course of action is to align yourself with a set of principles that are consistent with God’s law – Universal law. Hold yourself accountable to these principles, and your life will have meaning, purpose and significance.

Drill SGT. Oliver to Greg Amundson during Basic Combat Training, FT. Sill, OK, 2004