Building Strong Character

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

Abraham Lincoln

Building Strong Character

Our character development is critical to our success in life. The person we were born to become is contingent upon our successful strengthening of character. In the same manner a physical skill can be practiced, developed and quantified, our character is a tangible component of our life. I refer to the mature and refined character as “Warrior Character.”

Warrior Character can be defined in the following ways: 

  • Warriors are Trustworthy and Dependable.
  • Warriors are people you can count on in a critical situation.
  • Warriors are goal oriented and make their own success stories.
  • Warriors practice the art and science of Positive Expectancy.GregDEAFAST
  • Warriors are morally strong.
  • Warriors encourage and support others mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Warriors feel good to be around. Warriors lift other peoples emotions and feelings.
  • Warriors are loving and respectful of others in all circumstances.
  • Warriors protect the weak from verbal and physical assault.
  • Warriors do their best in every situation and encounter, regardless of the outcome.
  • Warriors are leaders.

Complete Warrior Character development is contingent upon upholding three rules:

  • Rule #1: A Warrior affirms they are worthy of their highest goal and aspiration. The Warrior walks, talks, thinks and acts like the successful person they intend to become.
  • Rule #2: The Warrior surrounds themselves with other Warriors or Warrior apprentices. The Warrior does not associate themselves with negativity or mediocrity.
  • Rule #3: The Warrior will let nothing stop them from aligning their principles and actions. The Warrior “Says what they mean and means what they say.” The Warrior has integrity.

Who is capable of becoming a Warrior? Who is able to achieve the character qualities defined above?