First Words – A Warrior Practice

Imagine the following scene …

You are walking through a forest wilderness. The sky is absolutely clear and a soft breeze brushes against your skin. You instinctively walk along a soft path towards a clearing in the trees and come upon a pristine lake. As you look out onto the vast body of water, you notice the lake is absolutely still. The water has a glass-like quality and perfectly reflects the sky overhead, and the shoreline trees.

Into the very center of this lake, you drop a single stone. From the center of the lake, spreading evenly through the water in all directions, a ripple begins to form. This ripple radiates throughout the entire late, gradually growing in size, magnitude and speed, until the ripple gently breaks on the shore.

This image of a still body of water and the ripple like effect of a single stone, is a perfect metaphor for the stillness of mind a True Warrior cultivates through the practice of silence and First Words.

Scott-Cole-Lee-EWOD17NOVIn Warrior Yoga, I teach a concept that Warriors have referred to for centuries as First Words. In this practice, after a period of silence, a Warrior brings immense awareness to their first offering of words. The Warrior knows with certainty, just as the sun will set and rise again, that their words have manifesting power.

Our words, when spoken into the stillness of our mind, create a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. Ensure the tides of your words, when they reach the shore of your life, are full of faith, love, optimism and positive expectancy. This is the Way of the Warrior of Light.

Like the sound of an echo, your words ultimately play back to you measure for measure. Ensure your speak a language of positive expectancy and optimism.

Greg Amundson