Focus of Attention

What we focus our ATTENTION on will INCREASE in our life.

Greg Amundson

Focus of Attention

A beautiful image to help understand the power of our attention is a magnifying glass. Anything the glass passes over increases in clarity, size, magnitude and power. We can use the magnifying glass to increase the size of things which appear small. Our attention acts much the same way. When we pass the light of our attention over anything, we increase what we hold in our awareness in size, shape, color, power, potential and impression.

Warrior’s are always very conscious of what they are paying attention to. Warriors use their attention as an electrical charge. A Warrior’s attention is a powerful thing, and a Warrior will only bring their attention to matters, emotions, feelings, words and thoughts which they intend to increase in their life.

A Warriors ATTENTION is on Health and Wellness.

A Warriors ATTENTION is on Happiness and Joy. 

A Warriors ATTENTION is on Courage and Confidence.

A Warriors ATTENTION is on Prosperity.

A Warriors ATTENTION is on Strength, Power and Resilience.

A Warriors ATTENTION is on Love.

AwarenessOn the Warrior’s Path to consciousness and purpose, we must develop the habit of consistently bringing our Attention to what we desire in life. Our Attention puts the powerful “Law Of Attraction” into effect by increasing those areas of our life which lead to our happiness and joy, which in turn bring happiness and joy to other people.

Ask yourself this question: “What Am I Paying Attention To?” 

This is the Way of the Warrior of Light.