"CrossFit and the pursuit of fitness is every bit as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Anyone that has done CrossFit recognizes the carry over of the physical improvements to all aspects of life. The mental benifits of preperation, dealing with adversity (PAIN!), consistency, discipline, character, and commitment are also developed and refined through CrossFit and carry over to all aspects of life. There is no better model of everything good about CrossFit than Greg Amunsdson. I highly advise attending Greg's Mindset Course and learning his mental approach to CrossFit and life."

— Josh Everett

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How To Achieve Anything


How To Achieve Your Hearts Desire


We were created with an impulse for desire. Each one of us is programmed to experience contrast in our life. The felt experience of contrast (knowing what we want as opposed to what we do not want) is the catalyst for achieving our dreams and goals. The key insight is to understand how to achieve what we desire.

There is a specific gustation period to everything. Scientists have determined with precision the amount of time it takes for a seed to grow. Doctors inform us of the length of time for a child to be born. Everything takes time, and for most things, we have the advantage of knowing what that time will be.

This is not the case for the achievement of an idea – and everything you desire begins in the form of an idea.

Two Rules:

1) The mere fact you have the idea in the first place (or vision, desire, impulse, etc.) is God whispering to you that you are capable of achieving the idea.

2) You do not need to know HOW you will go about achieving your idea. You simply need to desire the image you see in your mind. Focus on WHAT you desire. Leave the HOW of achievement up to the Universe.

The next step is understanding a simple graph. In the picture, notice that Time and Effort are intended to work in harmony. As time increases on the graph, momentum and the compound effect begin to work in your favor. Although the first six months of a goal may not show any noticeable results, trust that the Universe is conspiring to support your every goal, every dream, and every intention. This is also a way of saying, “Walk by Faith and not by Sight.” SucceedGraph

Stay focused on what you want. Notice the contrast between what you want and what you do not want. However, ensure you think about, talk about and drop into the felt experience of already having what you want, as opposed to the lack of it. By Universal Law, you will attract into your life what you desire.



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