Lead by Example

The best way to lead others is by the example you set. Let your actions speak loudly, and compel people by them.

Major Michael Perry, USA, to Greg Amundson

Lead by Example

Many years ago, when Gandhi was traveling countryside of India, he spoke before a large crowd on the qualities of leadership, service and peacefulness. Following his lecture, a young woman approached Gandhi and said,

“Gandhi – you must help my child. He is sickly from eating too much sugar. Please tell him to stop.”

Gandhi thought for a moment, and then in a quite but assured voice he said,

“Mother, I will help you. However, you must come back in one week, and bring your son.”

Perplexed by Gandhi’s request to return, and his inability to simply tell her son to stop eating sugar immediately, the young woman left the crowded area.

One week later, as Gandhi had requested, the woman returned along with her son. kat

“Gandhi – please help! It’s been one week, and my son continues to eat too much sugar. Please tell him to stop.” 

Gandhi bent down and looked the young boy in the eyes. He then said,

“Young boy, your mother is right. You eat too much sugar. I want you to stop.”

Overwhelmed with joy, the mother started to leave with her son. Then she suddenly stopped, and returned to Gandhi.

“Master, why did you ask me to come back in a week? Why did you not immediately tell my son to stop eating so much sugar?”

Gandhi reached out his hands for the mothers hands, held them gently, and then said,

“Before I could tell your son to stop eating so much sugar, I had to stop eating so much sugar myself.”

Be the change in the world you wish to see.