Spirit Quest

When you can sit in silent mediation, and not the roughest ruffian would dare make onset to your presence, then you are ready.

Japanese Karate Legend

Spirit Quest

Many years ago, a young man was preparing himself to join the ranks of the warrior tribe. Before the honor of warrior would be bestowed upon him, the young man faced a final test of mental, physical and spiritual strength.

The village elder gathered the young man and the entire tribe of warriors together and explained;

“In the beginning, all men on earth were divinely connected to God. However, over time, men forgot their birthright of divinity, and fell away from their natural ways of spirituality. Your sacred quest is to reclaim your spirit, because it has been hidden from you for safekeeping.”

The young man asked, “Shall I search for the spirit on the highest mountain top?”AlexWarriorSpirit

“No, for you would easily climb the mountain and obtain it.” The village elder said.

The young man then asked, “Shall I swim to the bottom of the deepest ocean?”

“No, for you would easily descend to the ocean floor, and obtain it.” The village elder said.

The young man asked again, “Shall I dig into the deepest recesses of the earth?”

“No, the spirit is not there either.” The village elder said.

“Well then, I am surely lost, for I do not know where to look.” The young man said with a great sigh of frustration.

The village elder smiled and said,

“You must sit down here, and close your eyes. For the spirit you long to discover is hidden within yourself.”

This is the Way of a Warrior of Light.