The objective of the Warrior is to fully develop their most cherished asset: Their Willpower. Little is understood or known about this elusive muscle, this inner sanctum of unlimited potential. All Warrior practices, from Yoga to combative Martial Arts, seek to harness the power of the Will.

Will can be strengthened.

Will can be depleted.

The key is to strengthen the will through body practices such as CrossFit, Yoga, and Krav Maga, while simultaneously eliminating wasteful willpower leaks and “Power Sinks” from our daily lifestyle, thoughts and subconscious habits.

When we set an intention, or goal, and realize successful accomplishment of our objective, we have displayed correct use and victorious concentration of our Will.

When we set an intention, and fail to accomplishment our desired outcome, our Will was not up to the task.

DCIM106GOPROJust like any muscle, our Will is subject to fatigue. The alcoholic knows well they are most vulnerable to the onset of a relapse during periods of stress: At work, at home, or in a relationship. Will can be depleted through frivolous means, leaving little leftover for serious concentration of effort. 

Any habit, either of conscious of subconscious means, requires use of your Will. Attending a CrossFit class requires will, as does every moment of the workout. Resisting the temptation to hit the snooze button requires will. Every task, every moment of every day, requires a subtle use of Will.

The True Warrior knows this and develops practices to rest, rejuvenate and also strengthen their Will. Banishment of frivolous habits that require the attendance of their Will is the first step. Second is body practices to strength their resolve and Will. Third is periods of inner and outer silence, through silence, rest, healthy lifestyle choices, and time alone with their Creator.

Let your Willpower become your most cherished asset – your worthy Ideal.

This is the Way of the Warrior of Light.