Wisdom In Stillness

A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands still in the midst of a storm.

Hagakuri; Book of the Samurai

Wisdom in Stillness

In ancient Japan in the small farming village of Kanto lived three well known Samurai warriors and an elder monk respected throughout the entire countryside. A tribe of ruthless bandits threatened to destroy the village and their attack was looming.

The old monk decided to hold a test to determine which of the three Samurai would have responsibility for protecting the village people.

The old monk had a servant arm himself with a long-sword and hide behind the doorway of a village hut. The monk told his servant to cut down anyone that entered. He then instructed the three Samurai on his challenge:

BJJFirstNight“Enter this doorway and display all your knowledge, technique and ability in the Martial Ways.” Said the old monk.

The first Samurai drew his sword and rushed through the doorway. He was quickly cut down by the waiting servant. 

The second Samurai also drew his sword and entered the doorway. However, he was more alert, more aware, and more attentive to his surroundings. He was able to anticipate the sword-strike that awaited and avoid death.

The third Samurai did not draw his sword. He stood outside the doorway and became very still. He then closed his eyes.

“You – on the inside of the doorway. Come out and surrender of your will surly be destroyed.” The Samurai said.

With this, the servant exited the doorway.

With this, the old monk proclaimed,

“You are the one who shall save our village.”