Covid Operational Plan

As a community of athletes we are navigating a season of life that is challenging and rapidly evolving. We know that the coronavirus has been scary and stressful for everyone. At CrossFit Amundson the safety of our athletes is our top priority. We are taking all the precautions we can to ensure our facility and classes are safe. Our goal is to go above and beyond the safety recommendations provided by our State and Federal officials. We also believe there has never been a more important time for health in your mind, body and spirit. For those reasons we want to get back to working out as soon as we can. Below you will find the protocols we are implementing to ensure you can continue to workout to maintain your integrated health and fitness.



  • Athletes will exercise within a 6′ of distance of other athletes and coaches at all times. Each athlete will be responsible for gathering their respective equipment for the workout and arranging it within their training zone.
  • Each athlete will be required to thoroughly sanitize their equipment before leaving the gym.
  • Classes will be capped at 10 athletes per class until government officials allow for more. Athletes more than 10 minutes late to class will not be allowed to participate.
  • Our 4PM class will be broadcast live via Zoom for those of you who wish to continue to attend classes virtually.
  • Coaches will sanitize the restrooms, door handles, light switches, any equipment used, and any other touch points before and after each class. We also have a weekly professional cleaning service who will be maintaining our gym. (And Coach is a master cleaner … just ask Drill Sgt. Oliver.)


  • We ask that athletes do not gather in the Team Room or form lines outside of the restrooms. Please keep the 6 ft. of social distancing at all times.
  • Please minimize the number of items you bring inside the gym and refrain from bringing any food.
  • Athletes will be required to wash their hands upon entering the gym and before touching any of the equipment.
  • Athletes are encouraged to purchase exercise gloves and to bring them to each class.
  • Athletes will be required to take their own temperature. This should be done at home AFTER you have washed your hands. An athlete with a temperature reading of 100 or more will be required to have their temperature taken again. If a reading is over 100 for a second time, that athlete should not attend the gym.
  • Athletes will be required to sanitize their equipment and use hand sanitizer before leaving the gym with the sanitizer CFA provides.
  • Athletes will exit similarly to how they entered without gathering too closely in the Team Room or gym. We do encourage you to communicate and chat with one another as normal while maintaining a safe distance apart.
  • We encourage athletes to have a specific pair of shoes to wear while inside the gym.
  • We will temporarily NOT be using community chalk. Athletes are allowed to bring their own chalk to the gym. 
  • Athletes are encouraged, but not required, to bring their own masks to class. If you decide to wear a mask during a workout, please note the restriction this may cause on your breathing and do so at your own risk. You should not do Fran or Murph while wearing a mask or you might die. 
  • Athletes are asked to refrain from touching their faces throughout the class to the best of their abilities.


  • If you or a member of your family has become infected with COVID-19 and you have worked out at the gym within 14 days of being informed of the diagnosis, we ask that we be contacted as soon as possible. We will then communicate that with our gym community to meet state and federal guidelines. An additional full gym cleaning will be done immediately to provide peace of mind for the rest of our community and so we can continue to conduct business.
  • As mentioned above, coaches will sanitize the restrooms, door handles, light switches, any equipment used, and any other touch points before and after each class.
  • Coaches will sanitize and bleach-mop the floor after each class.
  • Athletes may be required to “reserve” their class time using the CrossFit Amundson private Facebook group.
  • We will exercise outside whenever it is weather permitting, as well as have all doors and windows open when possible. We will also be running the ceiling fan during all classes.
  • The coach on duty will be required to initial the sanitation logbook before leaving the gym.