Keyholder Open Gym


CrossFit Amundson is pleased to offer our Athletes a special “Keyholder Open Gym Option” for private use Open Gym hours exclusive to Keyholders, including special weekday hours and extended hours on Saturday and Sunday. Keyholder requires a $29.00 monthly upgrade (or $50.00 per couple), signing a revised waiver and Keyholder agreement. Keyholder privilege is limited to 20 Athletes! For more information or to register please check with Greg Amundson or e-mail

Free Use Community Open Gym is Friday 1PM – 4PM and Saturday from 12:30 PM to 2PM, and Monday through Thursday from 6PM – 7PM. 

Special “Keyholder” Open Gym Hours:

  • Monday through Thursday 9AM – 4PM
  • Friday 9AM – 1PM (Community Open Gym Overlap at HQ from 1PM – 4PM)
  • Saturday 2PM through Sunday 6PM


Krav Maga Reserved Space Hours

Please note our Krav Maga studio is periodically reserved for private seminars and workshops. Currently (July 2017) Krav is reserved on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1PM – 2PM. In the event Krav is reserved, HQ is available, and we have a Heavy Bag stored at HQ for these occasions.