"Hello Mr. Amundson. My original background is in martial arts, teaching Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Since I've discovered CrossFit I've never been in better shape in my life. I've never felt better, never been faster, never lifted more, or more importantly to me, never been mentally stronger than I am now. When I began training, simply attempting the WODs was satisfying enough at first. Then setting goals helped keep me motivated (double body weight deadlift, improved Fran, linking muscle-ups). But now I'm consistently motivated to just be a better me thanks to your mental reworkings! I recently watched your lecture on leadership and mental workouts at the CrossFit One facility at Reebok HQ and it was the most eye opening, light bulb moment I've had in CrossFit to date. Equal to any PR! I've literally set free my anxiety over certain WODs or techniques. Your energy and enthusiasm is palpable through the screen and your examples and metaphors are inspiring! I hope you're breathing fire for years more and someday I can thank you in person."

— James Walsh

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Law Enforcement


CrossFit is the premiere fitness program for Military and Law Enforcement fitness and defensive tactics training. CrossFit training has been shown to increase an individual Operators physical and mental ability and will help teams forge the next level of trust, capacity and teamwork. CrossFit Amundson owner and founder Greg Amundson has worked extensively with Law Enforcement and Military Units in the United States and around the World with resounding success. Greg serves as the CrossFit Law Enforcement Liaison for CrossFit, Inc., and has worked with hundreds of Law Enforcement Departments on the implementation of CrossFit in their Field Operations and Academies. If you are a Law Enforcement Officer interested in becoming an ambassador for CrossFit, and ultimately developing a CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate at your respective Law Enforcement Department, please contact Greg Amundson at You can also visit the main CrossFit, Inc. website to learn more about the benefits of the CrossFit program. CrossFit offers Affiliation, mentorship, support and consultation with Law Enforcement and Military units at no cost.


Greg Amundson Law Enforcement Seminar [video] Greg Amundson San Diego Police Fitness Project [video] Greg Amundson and Chief Jim Band at Oregon City Police Department [video] Greg Amundson with Los Angeles Sheriffs Department SEB Unit “SEB CrossFit” [video]


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