"There comes a point in most workouts where you question what you're doing and you simply wish it would end. This happens for me in longer workouts usually---one's that are over 15 minutes and/or 7 rounds or more. I'll be plowing along and in the 4th round out of 7 I'll think, "This is stupid. I don't even care about my time. If nobody were here with me I would stop." It's at that very moment that I draw on information that I received at Greg Amundson's CrossFit Goal Setting Course. I remind myself to think positive. It takes effort but I have to block out those negative thoughts and concentrate on, "Feeding the right dog....the dog of courage." Greg beautifully illustrates how to set this plan in motion and if practiced it can have an immediate impact on your outlook both in and out of workouts. I use pieces from the Goal Setting Course in my daily life and my daily workout and the results have been nothing short of amazing."

— Rob Orlando

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09 July 2019

TUESDAY 190709

On a 21:00 running clock,

Minute One: Assault Bike, 12 Calories (9 for women)
Minute Two: One Round of “Cindy”
Minute Three: Kettlebell Swing, 15 Repetitions (53lb. / 35lb.)

Note: Todays session is a station rotation. You have 50 seconds to complete the required repetitions and calories. Athletes will be at each station a total of 7 times. Aspiring CAMP Purple Belts should “scale up” the Assault Bike calories to 15 for men and 12 for women. Athletes can pick their start station but must honor the order of rotation. 

July 9, 2012 – Coach teaching Goal Setting at the CrossFit Games


Tuesday Special Programs 

  • CrossFit Masters Class (10:30AM – 11:30AM)
  • Bag Class & Krav Maga (5:30PM – 6:15PM)
  • Warrior Yoga (6:30PM – 7:15PM)


08 July 2019

MONDAY 190708

“Tabata On The Bar”

Twenty Seconds “On” followed by Ten Seconds “Off” at the following stations (8 Rounds Each) 

Barbell Back Squat
Rest up to 3:00 then,
Barbell Hang Power Clean
Rest up to 3:00 then,

Note: Athlete choice on the Barbell weight today You must use the same weight on all exercises. Your “Score” for each round of Tabata is the total repetitions multiplied by the weight on the Barbell. The Barbell must remain on the back during all 4 minutes of the Tabata sequence. Barbell can be dropped on all other exercises. This is a super challenging session! Compare your barbell weight and repetitions today to January 8, 2019, January 25, 2019 and April 09, 2019. 

JP is a Water-Warrior!


Congratulations to JP for completing the workout “Murph” plus the Capitola Wharf Ocean Swim Challenge (plus the run from BQ to the Wharf!) all in the same day. 


Week At A Glance


  • Bag Class & Krav Maga (5:30PM – 6:15PM
  • Warrior Yoga (6:30PM – 7:15PM)

Wednesday: Krav Maga Weapon Defense (Advanced Class – 5:30PM – 6:15PM)

Thursday: Krav Maga (all levels – 5:30PM – 6:15PM

Friday: CrossFit Strength and Olympic Lifting (8AM – 9AM)

Saturday: FREE Community Workout!



06 July 2019


Please join us from 10:00AM to 11:00AM this Saturday the Free Community Workout.  The Community Workout will start at 10:00 AM and will be open to all skill levels and is FREE for guests.

Peter explaining “YardFit” 


05 July 2019

FRIDAY 190705

On a 4:00 Running Clock:

Perform Three Individual “Sprint AMRAP Rounds” For Maximum Calories:

Concept2 Row, 21 Calories
30 Dumbbell Thrusters (25lb. / 15lb.)
15 Pull-ps 
10 Thrusters 
Concept2 Row, As Many Calories As Possible (Score) 

Rest up to 3:00 between rounds, and repeat!

Note: Blast through these “Sprint Rounds” for maximum speed and power. Advanced Athletes should strive for consecutive repetitions at each station. Your “score” each round is the number of Calories completed during the final Concept2 Row AMRAP. Rest as needed between rounds.

Save The Date – CAMP Test for Blue – Brown Belt is Saturday, August 31


Friday Special Programs 

CrossFit Strength and Olympic Lifting (8AM – 9AM)


04 July 2019


Happy 4th of July! Please note our gym will be closed for regular classes today. However …..

There will be two “Challenge Evolutions” with Coach!

Evolution A – Commencing at 1PM at HQ:


Evolution B – Commencing at 2:30PM at Capitola Wharf (approximately) 

Swim Around Capitola Wharf 

Note: Attend one or both of these fun and challenging sessions. The ocean temperature has been great and wetsuits are not needed. Wear fins is you want or go slick (Coach is wearing fins!). If you are attending the ocean swim, meet on the West-end of the wharf on the sand at approximately 2:30PM. For an extra challenge, join Coach for both evolutions, plus a run from HQ to the Wharf and back following the swim. 

Lou, are you OK? 


We return to our regular class schedule tomorrow (Friday) July 5. Have a safe 4th of July!


03 July 2019


From The CAMP (CrossFit Amundson Maximum Performance)

Fight Gone Bad!

3 rounds for max reps of:
1 minute of wall-ball shots (20lb. / 16lb.) 
1 minute of kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls (75lb. / 53lb.)
1 minute of box jumps (20′ men and women)
1 minute of dumbbell push presses (35lb. / 25lb.) 
1 minute of assault bike (“Grind Station”)
Rest 1 minute

Note: Today’s session is the original “Fight Gone Bad” with the use of Dumbbells and the Assault Bike – which in the early days were a favorite of Coach Glassman. The Assault Bike goal is sustained 60 / 50 RPM for at least 50 seconds which nets a score of 20 points. How many people can Rx’ todays session and achieve 300 or more total repetitions? Compare today’s score to April 23, 2019. 

Nice technique, Jenny!


Tonight is Faith Works Ministry from 6PM to 7PM. Free coffee with our friends at Coffeetopia from 5:30PM until the start of the message. We hope to see you there!


Special thank you to Jamie for directing and producing a four-part mini series on how our gym is integrating Faith and fitness. 


CAMP Purple and Blue Belt Test

Save the date! The tentative date for the 2019 CAMP Test and Promotion Ceremony is Saturday, August 31, from 10AM until TBD. 


02 July 2019

TUESDAY 190702

Power Clean, 5,3,1 Repetitions (Work up to a 1RM)

Rest as needed then,

As Many Rounds As Possible in 10:00 of,
Run 400 Meters (Buy In)
50 Squats
9 Power Cleans (70% of 1RM)
30 Hand Release Push-ups

Note: After working up to a 1 Repetition Max on the Power Clean, Athletes will calculate 70% for their “workout weight” on todays session. A great goal for men is a Bodyweight (or more) Power Clean, and women 3/4 Bodyweight (or more). On the AMRAP, you only run once to “buy into” the remainder of the workout. 

Jeffrey achieves his first Rope Climb!


Tuesday Special Programs 

  • Bag Class (5:30PM – 6:15PM
  • Warrior Yoga (6:30PM – 7:15PM)


01 July 2019

MONDAY 190701

Evolution A:

Complete Three Rounds:

On a 3:00 Clock,
21 Calorie Concept2 Row
15 Burpees 
Wallball Shots, As Many Repetitions As Possible (20lb. / 16lb. = Score)

Rest as needed then,

Evolution B:

Kipping Pull-up, As Many Repetitions As Possible in 1:00

Rest 1:00 then,

Chest to Bar Pull-up, As Many Repetitions As Possible in 45 Seconds 

Rest 1:00 then,

Strict Pull-up, As Many Repetitions As Possible in 30 Seconds 

Note: Complete three rounds of Evolution A with up to 3:00 rest between rounds. How many athletes car Rx’ this evolution and achieve more than 90 total repetitions? Can anyone break 100? Great goals for Rx’ on the Pull-up Evolution are 30 + Kipping, 20 + Chest to Bar, and 10+ Strict. 

Saturday Crew was on fire!


Holiday Week At A Glance


  • Bag Class (5:30PM – 6:15)M
  • Warrior Yoga (6:30PM – 7:15PM)

Wednesday: Faith Works Ministry (6PM – 7PM)

Thursday: Closed for 4th of July. Have a fun and safe celebration! 

Friday: Regular Class Schedule! (Including 8AM Strength Session) 

Saturday: FREE Community Workout at 10AM 




29 June 2019


Please join us from 10:00AM to 11:00AM this Saturday the Free Community Workout.  The Community Workout will start at 10:00 AM and will be open to all skill levels and is FREE for guests.



28 June 2019

FRIDAY 190628

Skill Development: USAW Power Clean and Push Jerk Progressions.

Complete Three Sets – Start with Barbell and add weight as necessary: (Work Technique!)

Power Clean from Power Position, 3 Repetitions (Add 1 Shoulder Press at final rep)
Power Clean from Above Knee (2 Second Pause) 2 Repetitions (Add 1 Push Press at final rep)
Power Clean from Floor, 1 Repetitions (Add 1 Push-Jerk)

Rest as needed then,

“CrossFit Hero WOD DT

Complete Five Rounds for Time of:

Deadlifts, 12 Repetitions
Hang Power Cleans, 9 Repetitions
Push Jerk, 6 Repetitions

  • Advanced (Purple Belt / Rx) = 155lb. / 85lb.
  • Intermediate (Blue to Purple) = 135lb. / 75lb.)
  • White to Blue = 95lb. / 65lb. 

Note: For the Hero WOD “DT” weight for men is up to 155lb. and women 105lb. This workout is in honor USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Compare todays effort to April 21, 2014, June 23, 2014, September 5, 2014, June 18, 2015, July 30, 2015,  August 15, 2018, October 5, 2018, and May 3, 2019. There is a 20:00 time cap on todays session and large classes may utilize an AMRAP variation. 

Gabby and Rachel on the Rope’s!


Friday Special Programs 

CrossFit Strength and Olympic Lifting (8AM – 9AM)


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