"There comes a point in most workouts where you question what you're doing and you simply wish it would end. This happens for me in longer workouts usually---one's that are over 15 minutes and/or 7 rounds or more. I'll be plowing along and in the 4th round out of 7 I'll think, "This is stupid. I don't even care about my time. If nobody were here with me I would stop." It's at that very moment that I draw on information that I received at Greg Amundson's CrossFit Goal Setting Course. I remind myself to think positive. It takes effort but I have to block out those negative thoughts and concentrate on, "Feeding the right dog....the dog of courage." Greg beautifully illustrates how to set this plan in motion and if practiced it can have an immediate impact on your outlook both in and out of workouts. I use pieces from the Goal Setting Course in my daily life and my daily workout and the results have been nothing short of amazing."

— Rob Orlando

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CrossFit Amundson offers an incredible variety of programs which all fall under the umbrella of the “Athlete Training Center.” For one low price, we provide challenging learning environments and educational opportunities for our Athletes to excel in athletics and in life. With a constantly expanding array of exciting programs, CrossFit Amundson promises to “Educate and Inspire You” on a daily basis.

CrossFit Amundson currently offers the following Programs:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Garth Taylor and Kaijin Mixed Martial Arts
  • Krav Maga Santa Cruz – The only licensed Krav School in Santa Cruz County
  • Yoga – Our unique brand of Warrior Yoga created by Greg Amundson 
  • Endurance Workouts – We take our fitness outside the Box!
  • Olympic Lifting – Education, practice and competitions 
  • Powerlifting and Barbell Club
  • WaterWOD – The only licensed WaterWOD gym in the County! 
  • EPIC Fitness Adventures – Transportation provided  in our custom Ford Van! 
  • Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Free board rentals, instruction and SUP WOD’s! 
  • CrossFit Women’s Class – CrossFit by Women for Women! 
  • Competitors Class – Advanced programming for competitive Athletes 
  • Light WOD – Lifetime Integrated Gymnastics Health & Training
  • Clinic Class – Learn the CrossFit foundational skills and techniques
  • CAMP – CrossFit Amundson Maximum Performance for BJJ & MMA 
  • Endurance Workouts – Distance swimming, running, SUP and cycling 

Our Programs are available to Athletes enrolled into our Full Time membership program. Athletes enrolled into our Twice a Week membership are able to attend unlimited Yoga and up to two other speciality class a week of their choice, except for Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Athletes may also enroll directly into the Yoga program $35.00 a month or the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program for $150.00 a month. For more information on our Speciality Programs and Classes, please e-mail


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