WOD Tours


“I look forward to sharing my love of both CrossFit and Santa Cruz with you! We’ll do breakfast at the original CrossFit hangout, talk about your fitness goals, and run the infamous Aptos beach stairs! It’s gonna’ be a great day.”
Greg Amundson on the West Side WOD Tour


WOD Tours was established by our good friends in Australia, Andrew Berridge and Brad Woodhouse, in February 2011. Sitting over coffee, Brad and Andrew talked about their dream of traveling to CrossFit boxes across the world and training with the best CrossFit Athletes and Coaches. In the true spirit of CrossFit, Andrew and Brad created a business that would allow people an opportunity to “WOD Tour” and meet these Athletes, Coaches and CrossFit gyms. Andrew and Brad have done all the hard work for you!  Taking part in a WOD Tour is easy, it’s just a matter of getting together with your CrossFit friends, picking your favorite tour and registering for a fantastic experience.

Run the Stairs at Seacliff Beach on the West Side WOD Tour!

CrossFit Amundson is pleased to be part of the “West Side WOD Tour” that includes stops along the California coast in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo and San Diego. Participants on the West Side WOD Tour will visit CrossFit Central Santa Cruz with Annie Sakamoto, San Francisco CrossFit with Coach Kelly Starrett, CrossFit Inferno with Bill Grundler and Mikes Gym with Coach Mike Burgner. You’ll also have an opportunity to  visit the CrossFit Amundson gym in Santa Cruz, run the famous stairs at Seacliff State Beach, and go to breakfast with Greg Amundson at the old-school CrossFit eating establishment The Silver Spur, only 800 meters away from the very first CrossFit gym. It’s going to be an awesome day!

Visit the WOD Tours website to learn more and to book a tour!

Watch the WOD Tours video with Greg Amundson! [video]