Total Athlete

“The earth seemed to move with me … a fresh rhythm entered my body. No longer conscious of my movement I discovered a new unity with nature … a new source of power and beauty, a source I never knew existed.”
—Roger Bannister

CrossFit and the Sport of Fitness provide athletes an opportunity to develop not only physical capacities but also internal and psychological strengths. Through training and experience, the “Total Athlete” emerges, the true embodiment of the complete CrossFit Athlete. CrossFit “Total Athlete’s” are able to recognize and overcome mental and physical limitations that hinder their concentration and performance.

CrossFit “Total Athlete’s” distinguish themselves by their physical abilities (product) and by how (process) their amazing abilities are performed. The CrossFit “Total Athlete”:

  • Has the courage to risk failure and learn from setbacks;
  • Focuses on how they perform as opposed to the outcome of their performance;
  • Focuses on what is “Within Their Game”;
  • Trains the mind to see through the illusion of winning and losing;
  • Sees competitors as partners who encourage their own improvement;
  • Values the process over the product;
  • Focuses on “Giving Their Best Effort”;
  • Enjoys the Sport of Fitness and CrossFit for the personal growth it provides.

Through study, observation and practice, the lessons a CrossFit Athlete learns during dedicated physical training will help facilitate their journey upon the heroic path of total athletic development. By focusing on the more intangible development of the “Total Athlete” the CrossFit practitioner can expect increased passion for the Sport of Fitness as well as positive carryover into all aspects of life.