"I am stoked to have been able to attend this. It was the greatest affirmation of what has been cultivated in my own heart and mind, and what I have been trying to cultivate in the hearts and minds of my clients. CrossFit can and has changed fitness and the perspective of what is humanly possible, but I believe that the changes that matter are the ones we can’t see, and it made me so excited to see this message put out there so effectively. The seminar was great. The presentation so genuine. Greg, I see you just have so much love for the people around you, and that is what inspires me most of all! I am honored to know you. Thank you for leading by example."

— Kallista Pappas CrossFit Games Competitor

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Competition Team

Below are the requirements for the CrossFit Amundson Competition Teams. There is no limit to the size of a team and entry onto a Competition Team can take place anytime the requirements for the respective team are met. Each team will have a designated Team Captain. Athletes must be a regular member at CrossFit Amundson for three months prior to joining a competition team. Team members must commit to competing in at least three Team Competitions a year. All requirements for entry onto a team must be accomplished within a 24 hour period. Team tryouts will be held once a month. The CrossFit Amundson Competition Teams will compete in both sanctioned CrossFit events and outdoor adventure sports such as the Santa Cruz Run-Swim-Run.


10 Strict Pull-ups
20 Kipping Pull-ups
Handstand Walk 20 Feet
L-Sit 1:00
1 No Leg Rope Climb
Bodyweight Thruster (men)
3/4 Bodyweight Thruster (women)
1.5 x Bodyweight Deadlift
1:30 400 Meter Run
Buoy and Back at Capitola Beach in 9:00
5:00 “Fran” Rx’d
1 Strict Muscle Up (Rings)
5 Ring Kipping Muscle-ups in 2:00
1 Kipping Bar Muscle-up
10 Handstand Push-ups
30 Box Jumps (30 / 24 inches) in 1:15
75 Consecutive Double Unders
100 Double Unders in 1:15
Rx’d Isabel in 7:00
Squat Snatch 3/4 bodyweight
10 Pistols (5 each leg alternating) in 1:30


5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Kipping Pull-ups
Handstand Walk 10 Feet
L-Sit 30 Seconds
3 Rope Climbs (foot touch and go)
1/2 Bodyweight Thruster (Men and Women)
Bodyweight Deadlift
2:00 400 Meter Run
Buoy and Back at Capitola Beach in 12:00
8:00 “Fran” Rx’d
5 Handstand Push-ups
20 Box Jumps (24 / 20 inches) in 1:00
50 Consecutive Double Unders
100 Double Unders in 2:00
65lb. / 95lb. Isabel in 7:00
Squat Snatch 1/2 bodyweight
4 Pistols (2 each leg alternating) in 1:00


1 Strict Pull-up
3 Kipping Pull-ups
Handstand Hold on Wall 30 seconds
L-Sit 15 seconds
1 Rope Climb
1/2 Bodyweight Thruster
Bodyweight Deadlift
3:00 400 Meter Run
Buoy and Back at Capitola Beach in 15:00
“Fran” Rx’d Barbell / Red Band Pull-up in 15:00
10 Box Jumps (24 / 20 inches) in 1:00
10 Consecutive Double Unders

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