"CrossFit and the pursuit of fitness is every bit as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Anyone that has done CrossFit recognizes the carry over of the physical improvements to all aspects of life. The mental benifits of preperation, dealing with adversity (PAIN!), consistency, discipline, character, and commitment are also developed and refined through CrossFit and carry over to all aspects of life. There is no better model of everything good about CrossFit than Greg Amunsdson. I highly advise attending Greg's Mindset Course and learning his mental approach to CrossFit and life."

— Josh Everett

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Rowing Times

500 Meters – Under 1:30.00
Name 0:00.0
500 Meters – Under 2:00.0
Name 0:00.0
1000 Meters- Under 3:30.0
Jim Blakanja – 3:17.0
Chris Love – 3.17.9
Jason Nee – 3:22
1000 Meters – Under 4:00.0
Jenna Langseth – 3:56.0
Lily Webber 3:57.0
Susan – 4:06.4
Heather Rosenberg – 4:06.4
2000 Meters – Under 7:20.0
Name 0:00.0
2000 Meters – Under 8:30.0
Name 0:00.0
5000 Meters – Under 19:30.0
Name 0:00.0
5000 Meters – Under 23:00.0
Name 0:00.0

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